“I think I’m speaking for a lot of kids in my grade and others: what you said really inspired us to make better choices as individuals and classmates.”
- J., 7th Grader

The Call Me Jim DVDs and Facilitators Guide

Call Me Jim: Understanding Bully Behavior And The Impact On Students

The Call Me Jim Curriculum consists of:

  • 3rd Grade Edition
  • 4th Grade Edition
  • 5th and 6th Grade Edition
  • 7th– 9th Grade Edition
  • Facilitator’s Guide (covers all editions)

In these videos, Jim instructs groups of real students, sharing the age-appropriate skills necessary in becoming leaders to combat bully behavior.


Each video contains additional messages for teachers and administrators interested in further engaging students. Adults will learn how to stage age-appropriate interventions for the young people they serve.


Reproducible worksheets corresponding with each edition are available in the Facilitator’s Guide for classroom use. Students participating in the first three video presentations will have information to take home and share with their parents.


Third Grade Edition

In the Call Me Jim Third Grade Edition DVD, Jim interacts with students, giving them tools to become effective leaders in their classrooms. Jim defines student behavior as ‘hurting’or ‘helping’while giving kids practical, real world advice on handling bully behavior. Students take what they have learned and are invited to learn and recite a personal leadership pledge.


Fourth Grade Edition

In the Call Me Jim Fourth Grade Edition DVD, Jim interacts with students, giving them even more tools to become effective leaders. Jim speaks frankly about bullying as an act of violence – even stealing or hurting someone else’s property!


A deeper look into what was introduced in the Third Grade Edition, this basic psychology primer is perfect for students facing a changing social landscape. Students take what they have learned and are invited to learn and recite a personal leadership pledge.


5th & 6th Grade Edition

In the Call Me Jim Fifth and Sixth Grade Edition DVD, Jim builds upon the groundwork of the Third and Fourth Grade Editions, Jim speaks frankly to students about what it means to give away their power – and what it means to take it back.


In this 90-minute presentation, Jim shares a powerful testimony with students as he helps them understand how a person acting in their own power as a leader can change every scenario.


7th - 9th Grade Edition

Jim knows from personal experience that middle school students do not want to be lectured on bully behavior. In this presentation, he helps students understand their four primary needs regarding their own feelings and behaviors. Jim shares his own personal stories, including his own difficult experiences with bullying and the tragic story of his son's death.
This video provides coaching tools and techniques to help students leave their comfort zones to offer acts of kindness to one another, healing existing and preventing future hurts. We strongly recommend that faculty and counseling staff be in attendance during screening to provide support.

Facilitator Guide


The Call Me Jim Facilitator’s Guide contains pedagogy for teachers and administrators interested in further engaging young people as students and mentees.
In this guide, Jim gives critical information on what it takes to become an effective adult captain His detailed, age-appropriate intervention instructions will help you motivate young people to become leaders, enabling them to combat bully behavior in their own peer groups.
In our accompanying video series, Jim models this instruction by presenting to groups of real students, sharing the skills necessary for becoming effective leaders that combat bully behavior:

  • Stand UP! Don’t Stand By – A Message Of Proactivity
  • Three Types of Violence Involved in Bully Behavior
  • Understanding How Victims See Their World
  • Four Primary Needs Driving Every Student’s Behavior
  • The Role of Power in Peer Relationships

This Facilitator’s Guide corresponds with each of the four videos offered in the Call Me Jim series and contains reproducible worksheets for each grade level.

Keeping the Flame Lit

A Note From Jim


You will honor my life’s work by using the Call Me Jim DVD series as a springboard to further bully behavior in your school.

Here are a few ideas that other schools have used to create a culture of safety for every student:

  • Start an ABC (Anti-Bullying Club) or a Leader Club in your school. Make sure students understand that all are welcome.
  • Rewrite your anti-bullying policy with participation from the students.
  • Use the policy as a theme for student-created posters. Hang the posters around the school, especially in areas like bathrooms.
  • Create an anonymous tip box for each classroom where students can report problems without feeling afraid. The box can also be used for anonymous apologies.
  • Make t-shirts and buttons for students to wear with anti-bullying designs and messages.
  • Begin an annual essay contest for students with an anti-bullying related theme. Select the best essays and read them aloud during the morning announcements.
  • Institute a Random Act of Kindness day at school. Encourage students to do something kind for someone that they have never talked with before.

Please let me know of the work that you are doing! I’m excited for you!

Learn how the
Call Me Jim program
can transform your school.

Learn how the
Call Me Jim program
can transform your school.